Hajime No Ippo: “Rising” Season 3

Hajime no Ippo: Rising

Hajime no Ippo: Rising

After being frequently bullied as a child, Ippo’s encounter with the sport of boxing inspired him to think about what true strength really is. Ippo has endured the kind, yet rigorous, instruction of Coach Kamogawa and defeated one powerful opponent after another. He mastered his signature punch, the Dempsey roll, and even became the champion of all Japan. But even as champion, he still hasn’t found the meaning of “true strength”…

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Brief Introduction:

Ipoo's Raw Power

Ipoo’s Raw Power

Pound for pound anybody who has seen the series knows that ippo may look like a wimp at times but if he connects with any punch on an opponent there will be substantial damage. Ippo who had become a pro boxer in high school decided that he would make boxing a career. Though not friends at the time a youg prodigy named Mayata boxed Ippo in a friendly sparring bout. Though new to boxing Ippo made very good headway against Miyata and lands an upercut for a KO. Shortly after Miyata leaves the gym in order to become a better boxer and to fight Ippo as a pro. After wining Ippo’s first to professional fights his trainer Kamogawa decides to enter him into the King Rookie Tournament. Though nervous Ippo accepted in order to keep a promise and thus began has career as a professional boxer. He fought hard and made it all the way to the finals hoping to see Miyata who was also in the same tournament. Unfortunately Miyata was defeated in



the semifinals and would not face Ippo. However Ippo would have to face a very skilled and powerful opponent named Sendou Takashi who at the time had equal if not greater power than Ippo. Needless to say he was beaten by Ippo. Fast forward to season 3, we find Ippo who has already claimed the Feather Weight title is making a stand to defend it for the 4th time since becoming champion. His opponent is a man named Shimabukuro Iwa who like Ippo has raw power and claims that he can break or destroy Ippo’s  dempsey roll. When we first see Ippo’s opponent he is a small man big big in muscle though like Ippo he is a solid in-fighter with skills to boot. With the flashback of Ippo’s father dying in the earlier part of episode 1 Ippo has alot on his mind before the fight. Round one starts and the rest you will have to watch…


EPIC!! I have been hooked on this anime series ever since the first episode. As a boxing fan I had extremely high expectations for the series believing that it may dissapoint in some areas. I hadn’t see the trailer but I remeber a friend telling me about the series at least 5 or 6 years ago but i suddenly remembered it one day so i gave it a shot. Now im on season 3 and each fight is a nail bitter. The Dempsey Roll is so far beyond cool I cant even explain. Do me a favor and watch the first two seasons. Trust me it will definitely be worth it if you do so before watching season 3. If you have seen the first two seasons than you will definitely be happy with season 3 of which is currently ongoing.

Rating: 5/5

This Is a Must Watch


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